Fall building begins: getting the trailer & starting the floor package.

Finally, a new blog post! We have been inundated with people getting in touch with us lately and have been doing custom quotes and consultations out the wazoo. Construction on our new build has started now though so no more procrastinating blog updates.

The first step in construction is always the same: ordering a custom trailer. Our trailers are all made in Canada and modified right here on Vancouver Island to our specifications.

The trailers come with decking on, so once it gets back to the job site the next step is remove it. After stripping off the decking, the floor package is built and secured to the trailer, including weather proofing, insulation, and pressure-treated plywood painted with marine-grade sealant to further protect against our rainy climate. Using pressure-treated plywood gives an extra layer of protection against weather and road conditions. Waterproof house wrap is then laid out to further protect and seal the underside of the floor package, followed by rigid foam insulation and a slight air space. Each piece is sealed to prevent any moisture from penetrating. We make sure to go above and beyond to ensure that there will be no water leakage, especially when building for a climate like on Vancouver Island.

Coming up next: framing in the walls!