Rewild Homes Open House - Two Tiny Homes on Display!

Come and walk through our two latest show homes, the Fox Sparrow and the Blue Heron. Whether you're a tiny house enthusiast or just a lookie-loo, join the Rewild Homes team at the Rona Home & Garden Centre in Nanaimo on Saturday March 18th from 11am-3pm. Interested in off-grid systems? We will also have a full solar array on site accompanying our homes. Hope to see you there!

Rewild Homes Open House
March 18, 2017
11am - 3pm
1250 Island Highway, Nanaimo, BC


Rewild Homes is starting a new (and totally kickass) build!

Starting September 1st, we are embarking on another tiny house journey. We've been working closely with the couple who are buying the house for the last month, getting to know them and their style. Before we even think about putting hammer to nail, there's a whole process behind designing a tiny house. We start by getting to know you, and assigning you some homework. We help you figure out your needs (things that your house HAS to have), your wants (things that would be pretty cool to have, often depending on budget and feasibility), and your "what's up with this?" list (things that you've thought about or come across and wonder if it's even possible). Once we get that established, we send you to Pinterest to start a visual collection (if you haven't already). Once all those bridges are crossed, we can begin!

That brings us back to this upcoming build. It's going to be a full-sized tiny home (yes, a bit of an oxymoron) on an 8'x20' trailer with a full loft as well as a storage loft - similar to our show model. The full size of the house will be 8'6"x22' so that it can still be towed without a permit. It will be a hybrid on-grid/off-grid unit, with a propane hot water heater, propane Dickinson marine heater, propane range & oven, and full solar capabilities, combined with the ability the hook up to a standard 110v plug. There will be a washer and dryer unit, along with a 3/4 size fridge in the kitchen.


We will be drawing inspiration from the folks over at Tiny House Giant Journey (if you haven't checked out their blog before - do it! An amazing couple and their dog living in a tiny house and journeying across North America along with tips and tricks about tiny living) especially in regards to their loft, pictured below.

There will be a skylight over the bedroom and over the living area, with the loft skylight able to be fully opened. The second, smaller loft will act as both a guest room and as storage, with a two foot overhang on the outside of the house, extending the second loft to 5' total and doubling as a small roof over the deck.


We will be constructing a draw-bridge style front deck that can be easily dropped down or picked back up for transport.


The whole house is going to have a west-coasty feel, blending rustic wood and metal accents with clean and modern design. Instead of a ladder, there will be a staircase going up to the loft with a railing and storage underneath. 


The bathroom will have a high-end composting toilet and some super cool accent pieces, including a custom built sliding barn-door style bathroom door.

So what's next? We will continue to plan and develop more specifics about the build over the next week leading up to September 1st, and start with getting a trailer. Check back soon for more build updates!

Build update: windows, house wrap, and a door.

We have reached lock-up stage! The house is wrapped and sealed with house wrap, and all the windows and doors are installed and fully sealed. Today we are gathering materials for the exterior, which means a nice sunny drive to Duncan. The outside is going to be sided with corrugated tin and accented with cedar, which is going to look great nestled into the forest at its new home.

Up next: siding and roofing.