We can do as much or as little as you'd like, whether you want a trailer with just a floor package installed so you can build the entire structure on a safe, secure, and waterproof base, or an entire shell built including finished walls and roofing so that just the interior is left for you. We have a few main levels of shells, with options to customize in between.

a 24' level two shell

a 24' level two shell

Personal design time to plan your home
Custom steel tiny house trailer
Tiny house framed and sheeted
Windows and doors cut out but not installed
Bare framing inside; lofts framed but not decked

Exterior completed finished
+door and windows
+fascia, trim, corners
+tin roof

+closed cell spray foam insulation
+electrical installed and certified
+gas installed and certified (if any gas requested in the home)
+interior wallboards installed
+no cabinetry, appliances, flooring

Shells are a great way to add some DIY to your build, learn the construction skills you've always wanted, or keep costs down if your budget is tight. Get in touch with us below if you're interested in a shell, using the three levels as a starting point.

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