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Watch the video below to get to know our owner Patrick and see what our company is all about!

Rewild Homes was started to fill a niche and support a movement of living simply, using less, and doing more. Our compact, high-quality, portable cabins are built on Vancouver Island using locally sourced materials. We are simple, sustainable, and specialized. We started this company to follow our dream of making a difference in the community and began offering an alternative to the high housing prices that so many people face across BC, and although we started with Vancouver Island in mind, people are now reaching out to us from around the world in hopes that we can help them achieve their goals of home-ownership and financial freedom. Most of our homes stay on the coast, either on the island or in the lower mainland, but we’ve shipped homes across North America and even to Hawaii!

top row (left to right): david, tom, luke, tyler // bottom row: marines, odessa, jessica, patrick

top row (left to right): david, tom, luke, tyler // bottom row: marines, odessa, jessica, patrick

Rewild Homes is Patrick Whelan, director + owner and his wife Jessica Whelan, director + design + administration; along with a network of highly skilled and experienced people who, like us, are problem solvers with particular skills and a passion for tiny homes.

Patrick and Jessica started Rewild Homes in 2012 with the goal of building custom, affordable tiny homes without sacrificing quality or comfort. Along with the rest of our team, together we make a driven team of like-minded individuals who are genuinely invested in fostering independence and exploring new ways of thinking.

As an established family-run company, when you choose Rewild Homes you are helping support our family and the families of the people we employ. Our homes are different from other tiny homes offered because of our customization and flexibility – our number one goal is to help make home-ownership affordable for everyone. Every Rewild home is 100% custom, but if you’re more of the hands-off type we also offer full design services to craft your home. We work with you every step of the way to resolve everything from layout and trailer size right down to the fixtures in your shower and the colour of your walls.


Patrick and Jessica have lived in a variety of small spaces, ranging from an 18’ fifth wheel to one of our own tiny homes to the riverside cabin they currently reside in, so they have first hand experience in planning and living in small spaces. We are also proud to have real life experience living off-grid, some of us full-time and others part-time, with rain water collection providing our water and solar providing our power. We can speak first hand about living small and self-sufficiently.


Owner/founder and director

Patrick started Rewild Homes out of a dedication to sustainable living and a knack for forward thinking. He grew up in Nova Scotia and studied environmental sciences in Newfoundland and forestry in New Brunswick before packing up his bags and travelling to the other side of the country. After landing in Nanaimo to study resource management at Vancouver Island University, Patrick spent his summers managing a remote fishing lodge in Bamfield and the rest of the year building homes with a contracting company in town before taking the leap and starting Rewild Homes.

Besides building tiny homes, Pat loves to kayak, fish, hunt, and generally do anything outdoors.



Co-founder and director

If you've emailed Rewild Homes, chances are you've talked to Jessica. Jessica is a graphic designer and our tiny home designer hailing from Haida Gwaii, a rainy little island off the coast of northern British Columbia. She works tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the company running, handling everything from web design & graphic design to reaching out for publicity and managing our continual inflow of emails. She has been designing for over 10 years for companies ranging from luxury treehouse rentals to top tourism companies to the RCMP, specializing in creating personalities for existing or budding companies that have a lot of character but haven’t figured out how to show it. With 2 years of environmental engineering and a 4 year design program under her belt Jessica is passionate about minimal and sustainable living and well-versed in all things design. When she's not updating our website, sending out PR books, or responding to client emails, Jessica is out enjoying her greatest loves: rain, wine, wind, coffee, and looking at the stars with her border collie.


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