How Wide? How Long? How High?
Maximum vehicle dimensions from DriveSmartBC

Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement
Including permit conditions for structures and overwidth homes

CVSE1000 T-Form for permits up to 4.4m wide (14.4’)

CVSE1000S Supplement form for structures


Tiny Life Supply
An online store dedicated to people building tiny houses, outfitting yurts, renovating conversion vans, or taking on any small off-grid building project.

Guardian Fire Shield Suppression System
The Guardian Fire Shield™ automatic fire suppression safety device is 10-year set-and-forget fire safety for your loved ones. Unlike water suppression, the dry-chem agent in the Guardian Fire Shield™ does not cause extensive damage when discharged and the residue is easily cleaned with a vacuum. Non-toxic, no electricity required, and safe in all temperatures, even for outdoor use!


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Tiny House Talk: Small Space Freedom
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Dream Big, Live Tiny
Your one-stop shop for everything tiny living - design inspiration, travel stories, & financial freedom tips!

Tiny Nest Project
Jake and Kiva are a Canadian couple living on Vancouver Island who build their own tiny home. Explore virtual reality tours, design resources, a free tiny home building video series, and more!

Tiny House Build
Looking to build your own tiny home? Andrew and Gabriella have been arming the DIY movement since 2006 & their mission is to create and offer the highest quality resources out there so that YOU can turn your tiny house fantasy into a reality.