We can do as much or as little as you'd like, whether you want a trailer with just a floor package installed so you can build the entire structure on a safe, secure, and waterproof base, or an entire shell built including finished walls and roofing so that just the interior is left for you. Regardless of what level shell you get from us, we still fully design all of the major aspect of your home before we start construction and supply you with the finished renderings of your completed home - as well giving you access to our team of experts throughout your build.

Personal design time to plan your home
Custom steel tiny house trailer
Tiny house framed and sheeted
Windows and doors cut out but not installed
Bare framing inside; lofts framed but not decked

Exterior completed finished
+door and windows
+fascia, trim, corners
+tin roof

+closed cell spray foam insulation
+electrical installed and certified
+interior wallboards installed
+recessed LED lighting in the ceiling and beams
+ceiling fan/light combo installed in the main space
+no cabinetry, appliances, flooring

a 24' level two shell

a 24' level two shell

A 24' level three shell for a single story home (no loft)

Shells are a great way to add some DIY to your build, learn the construction skills you've always wanted, or keep costs down if your budget is tight. Get in touch with us below if you're interested in a shell, using the three levels as a starting point.

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Alex bought a level two shell from us last year and recently updated us with pictures. We love seeing how people finish their homes!

Purchasing a tiny home shell from Rewild Homes has been a great decision. It has allowed us to work on and be creative with a tiny home build while leaving the structural planning to the professionals! It is really fun to have such a hands on approach with finishing the home. We have been able to incorporate a few unique features for a tiny home including heated flooring, a wall hung toilet and custom cabinets/countertop.

We have taken our time to carefully design each feature and couldn’t be happier with the progress so far. Through a mix of DIY projects and connecting with local professionals, we have ended up with the perfect home and building experience! I would highly recommend the build route we have taken to those with an interest in a project and plenty of patience! Not many people can say that they have built their own home!
— Alex, WA