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Whether you're ready to build tomorrow or just starting to dream about a tiny house, these questions will start the process of making your plans more concrete. The dollar signs beside each option give you an idea of how much that selection will impact your overall total.

Just wondering how much things cost? To give you a very general idea, our smallest fully finished home is a single level 16' home with a base price of $45,000 CAD. Most 20'-24' homes tend to come in around the 75-95k CAD mark, with larger 28' and 30' homes coming in closer to the 95-115k CAD range. Not looking to spend that much, or more of a DIY type? We do also offer partially complete shells at lower costs - read about the different levels we offer here.

How does the process work?
Once you fill out this form, we will review it and give you feedback and suggestions on matching your goals and your budget. We'll chat back and forth to figure out the best solutions for you until we have enough information to give you a rough estimate. If you decide to move forward with the build, we take an initial non-refundable booking and design fee to secure your build time and start designing your custom home! We will help you select all of your specific styling, finishes, and appliances to design you a custom materials list and give you a more detailed quote. We then draft up your contract with all of your selections and the final estimate, take a one-third deposit, and production starts.

Please keep in mind that every quote we do is 100% custom and that there are a lot of aspects to consider when planning a tiny home. We will of course get back to you as soon as possible, but please be patient with us as building accurate quotes takes time and we get a lot of inquiries! 

All of our homes come standard with:

  • CSA approved and Canadian-built custom tiny home trailer

  • CSA certified electrical and gas systems

  • 2lb closed-cell spray foam insulation in the floor, walls, and ceiling

  • standing seam metal roofing

  • the quality and attention to detail that makes a home a Rewild Home!

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On average, our homes weigh anywhere from 10-18,000lbs.
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Dormers are the "bump-outs" you see above lofts to give more headspace. Available on gabled roofs only.
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Exact models and looks will be determined later on. If you want both a side entry door and an end entry door, select both.
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