The Stellar Jay 24' Tiny Home

With its white-washed walls, clean lines, and Scandinavian style the Stellar Jay is the perfect tiny home for the minimalist at heart. Full-light garden doors lead into an ample seating area with a live-edge drop leaf desk and storage loft. A built-in bookshelf sits beside the desk and houses a forced air propane heater under the bottom shelf, adding to the feature arch spanning the kitchen. Windows are all awning style, meaning no unnecessary window hardware getting in the way of your view while still allowing that fresh breeze to swirl through your home. A small gas cooktop and an oversized kitchen sink with a ton of countertop and wide open shelving creates a functional cooking space, with an on-demand propane water heater sitting under the sink. In the bathroom you’ll see a floor to ceiling closet, composting toilet, and comfortable corner shower in the light and bright bathroom. Up in the master loft, be treated to views of the stars and fresh summer winds kissing your face as you sleep under the fully-opening skylight. Semi-floating stairs offer a comfortable compromise between the sturdiness of stairs and the minimal appearance of a ladder.